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The biggest Christmas sale

My Books on Python, Matlab and R at prices never seen before


A fixture in the Packt calendar, the $5 campaign is something developers across the industry look forward to every year and 2019 isn’t looking to be any different. Packt Publishing always believed in making tech learning as accessible as possible, and by offering every eBook & video for $5 across the site throughout December they give developers the chance to grow their skills, indulge their curiosity and more for less.

You can buy my ebooks and videos for $ 5. These are the titles:

Implement key reinforcement learning algorithms and techniques using different R packages such as the Markov chain, MDP toolbox, contextual, and OpenAI Gym

Discover powerful ways to effectively solve real-world machine learning problems using key libraries including scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch

Demonstrate fundamentals of Deep Learning and neural network methodologies using Keras 2.x

A practical guide to mastering reinforcement learning algorithms using Keras

Uncover the power of artificial neural networks by implementing them through R code.

Extract patterns and knowledge from your data in easy way using MATLAB

Build effective regression models in R to extract valuable insights from real data

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